domingo, outubro 28, 2012

Green Valley

"Hello stranger,
Can you tell us where you've been?
More importantly,
How ever did you come to be here?
Though a stranger,
You can rest here for a while.
But save your energy,
Your journey here is far from over.
Come the sunrise,
We'll descend through Judgement Valley
And weigh your worth
Before her majesty, the Verde River.

No direction but to follow what you know,
No direction but a faith in her decision,
No direction but to never fight her flow,
No direction but to trust the final destination.
You're a stranger til she whispers you can stay.
You're a stranger til she whispers that your journey's over."

terça-feira, outubro 23, 2012

samurais guardiões das chaves negras do apocalipse

cada caminho que escolho é o decisivo.
e os seus obstáculos são o meu aperitivo.
à boca pequena, alcunham-me cão rafeiro,
lembram estar extinta a raça do aventureiro.
mas cada soco que dou é o destrutivo,
é o mensageiro de um novo ko definitivo.
porque o mal nunca vem só e é matreiro:
um segundo determina o descanso ou a morte do guerreiro.
para sobreviver neste mundo agressivo
tornei-me no maior cabrão ainda vivo.

"I could take the pitchfork from the devil
Keep a super suit like I’m incredible
From the deep, blue sea to the dark blue sky
I’m the baddest man alive"

domingo, outubro 14, 2012

Conditions Of My Parole

"Sweet Jesus, don't let the judge release me
What if she's a zombie or a dracula
And tried to fuckin eat me?
Devil walked away from a banging trip to Mozambique
Help me outta this!"

quinta-feira, outubro 04, 2012

"Light: Even a fool is going to notice that somebody is bumping off the bad guys. I'm going to make the world know I'm here...that somebody is passing righteous judgement on them! And then nobody will commit crimes anymore. The world will start to become a better place. And while people who obviously deserve to be punished are dying of heart attacks...I'll gradually be killing off immoral people and people who harass others, through illness and accidents. Even that will eventually be noticed by the idiot masses. They'll realize they'll die if they don't change their ways... I'll make this a world inhabited only by people I decide are good!

Ryuk: You do something like that, the only one left with a bad personality will be you...

Light: What are you talking about, Ryuk? I'm a serious,straight-A student...a model teenager and I..will reign over a new world!"